Different opinions of foreign men on Russian women

The resorts of Portugal and Malta are drowns with Russian language. In Antalia and Sharm El Sheikh, Russian and Ukrainians have almost completely replaced the Brits and French; in any case, the latter prefer to have rest during vacation in the hotels with their compatriots. Moreover, Ukrainians prefer to rest with anyone, except for Russian neighbors, and not only because of political issues connected with Crimea annexing and war in Donbass, but because of bad manners of Russians. To say more, no one would like to have Russian neighbor on the resort, as Russians are known as always drunk, having no manners, swearing, yelling aloud and showing low cultural level. However, we are talking about Russian women here.

Russian women seem very attractive to many foreigners and it is well known. Foreigners dream to spend sweet time with Russian hotties; some foreign men share opinion that sweet holiday romance with Russian woman has become probably the most memorable adventure in their lives. Some men, on the contrary, have faced with unpleasant experience and now are even afraid of Russian women.

To foreign men for long time Russian example of beauty has been tall blond-haired blue-eyed girl. For example, men from Asian countries always wonder how pretty every Russian girl is as if they are all taking part in the motion picture. In the list of famous Russian women there are many women who embody genuine femininity and the beauty and of Russian. But to say the truth, almost every girl in Russia is not less pretty. Some might need just more time and more care and would look just about the same. Russia has very high concentration of pretty women per square mile in the world!

Russian women on famous world resorts are noticeable by their manners, showiness, brightness, mismatch of clothing taking into consideration place and time of such clothes. Russian women are well known by funny stories when they are visiting the pool in high heels and gorgeous makeup. Russian woman is not typical tourist, because typical tourist never goes hiking in the mountains in miniskirt and heels, so it is hard for her to get out off the bus.

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All inclusive food is one more funny thing Russian women are known by. They take full plates of different food when they get access to free buffet and the foreigners wonder how one woman can eat as much, but the reason is they won’t eat this food, the reason is it is free. The same concerns Russian women and alcohol. Being drunk they sing songs aloud and behave not very moral, to say so. Russian women complain foreigners how harsh their life in Russia is. They may say bad things about husband and disrespect, but they are having rest at his expense, after all.

Dating sites are full of advertisements where foreigners propose to provide wife Russian girl and even Russian girl with children with everything. For many foreigners Russian women are very attractive. What attracts them to Russian women? How Russian woman is looking in the eyes of a foreigner? There are some answers of men from prosperous European countries.

Man from Dresden. I know only women from Moscow and I would say they know they are pretty and intelligent and use it anytime, especially when it is going about men. Money is the main for them. If girl from Moscow is looking for a life partner, he has to be rich; at least he must have an apartment and car. Russian women would like to live in West, because they think West is better than Russia in many cases. Russian women like to rule the men. They are good at bringing up children and are good housewives.

Man from Munich. I know many young girls from Russia of approximately my age, and they almost never look at me or other guys among students. They are looking for rich men who could be 10 or 20 years older than they are. I guess they take studying in Germany as the ticket to better life and are trying to stay in my country for permanent living, using any chance, but they are looking for rich secured man. I can tell where Russian girl is by appearance as well as by communication, way of thinking and life goals. Russian girls use their beauty to manipulate men and the ones I know are very calculating.

Man from Stockholm. I think Russian girls are the best interlocutors as they are educated, smart and know a lot about the world. In every topic you communicate with them they are fluent. Russian women are very open-minded.

Man from Geneva. Russian women are pretty and intelligent at the same time and this is unique combination. They perfectly know how to emphasize their strengths and how to hide weak sides. Russian women have strong spirit and often sacrifice themselves to family. To my mind, Russian women are the world standard of femininity with all huge range of positive feelings like sensitivity, vulnerability, ability to forgive and many more.

Man from Toulouse: Russian women are feminine and look like some luxury stones in human being. Man would always like to take care of them, pleasing them all the time by caring on hands, buying presents and all the time making her happy. Russian women are touchy, but quickly forget abuse. In contrast to French women, they make first step in relations more often. It is nice to spend time with them and easy discuss every topic. However, disadvantage of Russian women, to my personal opinion, is the fact they are impermanent or that might be only in my case.

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Man from Berlin. I had not much time communicating to Russian girls, but I have got some general impressions about them when I was on business tour in Moscow in 2003. Russian girls use too much make up and look like their national symbol – nesting doll. Many of them I consider swindlers. A friend of mine had unpleasant experience and the case was once he has sent money for a plane ticket to some Russian girl, but she just took money and never visited him in Germany. He must have been more cautious, I guess.

Foreigners make opinion on all Russian girls mostly by those individual Russian girls, whom they met by some accident. In any case, all agree Russian women are pretty, feminine, dress stylish and have pretty make up, they are good housewives as well, and demand for Russian women abroad is always high.

Some think that Russian women are looked by western purposefully losers (the old, divorced, ugly, mentally disturbed), which could never find girlfriend (wife) in their home country. Young successful Western men can easily get a girl in their own country, for them it is unnecessary to go to the distant Russia, and to spend the money and the time. Quote: “The demand for them will grow” sounds like a living advertisement of goods. No wonder that attitude of Western men to such mail order brides is contemptuous. Many Russian women feel so ashamed of their compatriots, for the fact that these women are willing to do anything to be with such losers for a green card or European passport.

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