Russian husband and foreign wife

While many Russian women are obsessed with searching for overseas suitors, foreign women find Russian men as pressure they cannot find anywhere else in the world. This article is about relations of Russian men and foreign women. Such situation is rather untypical, but there are examples of happy families or successful relations between Russian man and Western woman.

Kjersti is 28 and she is from Norway and Pavel is Russian man at the age of 32 and they have common child. Kjersti says that in her country many have children, but never get married and it is typical, so she does not bother about this. Pavel hasn’t made her an offer yet, but she thinks the venture with the wedding seems romantic, so if he will make a proposal, she would agree. At the beginning of their relations lady from Norway thought she is kind of dating with the movie character of the 60’s. Romantic Russian man was singing her arias, asked to walk under the moon and made a lot of compliments. He opened the door, before she had to enter, gave her a hand hands and always helped to carry the bag. All those things Norwegian men would never do. At first Kjersti was afraid that Pavel does not treat her as an equal. And then she began to have fun as it is so nice when a man cares about you. Also she was surprised that Pavel has always supported her point of view in any discussions. Norwegian would not defend the position of his wife just because she was his half! And the denial of feminism in Russia is just apparent to Kjersti. In words Pavel does not accept the ideas of feminism, but in fact has always supported his girlfriend’s career aspirations, is ready to move to another country if so requested by my work or study. By the way, dating with foreigners is not widely accepted in Norway. Kjersti is surprised by the life flow in Russia and at first she never understood why her Russian boyfriend wished her “Good luck” leaving for work every morning, even if morning is so predictive to her every day. In Russia she realized what a fortune is: here you do not know what is waiting for you tomorrow – default or revolution. Every day can bring a meeting or event that will transform your life. Russians are passionate people with big visions and ambitions. Russian men cherish family. Kjersti is happy her civil husband always put herself and their family to number one place.

Edyta is 27 and she is from Warsaw, Poland and Vladimir is 27 and he’s from Russia, Moscow. Edyta says she could not imagine that her husband would be Russian. She was studying in Warsaw to become translator of Russian and always wanted to understand Russia better from inside and for this reason went to Moscow for the internship. As an internship in Moscow was finished, Edyta was going to come back to Poland, but a few days before the departure she has met Vladimir. They both celebrated birthdays of their friends at the nightclub. Vladimir did not even realize that Edyta was a foreigner, but at first glance she understood he is the one and decided not let it go. Soon she flew to Warsaw, but they had a date at the “halfway” to each other in Kyiv. On the appointed day she arrived in the Ukrainian capital, but immediately realized her cell is discharged, she doesn’t have charger and does not know anything in foreign city. Love story on this would have ended, if Edyta did not pester passers-by to help her. Fortunately, that day they have found each other. But it was not the final test on their way. The next date was scheduled had to be in Moscow, and again Edyta has got in trouble as her flight was canceled due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. She bought a bus ticket and was “traveling” to Moscow for two days. She arrived tired and dirty, but then saw joyful Vladimir, with a large bouquet of yellow roses and fatigue vanished immediately. “Perhaps it is also the fact that I’m not used to getting the flowers as this is not common in Poland”, says Edyta. Europeans build relationships differently, they have more selfishness and self-love. Everything they do, they do for themselves. Polish girls are very popular in Western Europe. Foreigners were wooing Edyta as well, but she is tired of such relationship as there is too much freedom and each is living his separate life. Relations with the Poles somehow did not develop. In Edyta’s opinion, they are a mama’s boys. “Also, we have so many topics of conversation with Vladimir! I like his romantic (probably a feature of all the local men – anywhere in the world will not meet so many convenience stalls with flowers, both in Moscow), determination, attitude towards family values”, says Edyta. Edyta and Vladimir are married for 2 years and have a sun. She is very happy to have such husband as Vladimir.

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Jessie is 29 and she is from Brisbane, Australia and Vadim is 32 and he is from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Jessie was 20, when they first met. They were both students and could chat until four in the morning about everything. She didn’t feel any language barrier, and so she was surprised when a few years later Vadim admitted that during those chats sometimes poorly understood spoken English. How difficult is to understand what other people say Jessie felt only when she came to Russia and tried to communicate with Vadim’s family and relatives from Chelyabinsk and Bryansk. That time Jessie noticed how Russian women differ from Australian. Most of all in Russian women she was surprised with nails. Long, invoices or accrued, with bright paint, rhinestones, patterns. In Australia, women try to look more natural, it is more important to them “to be yourself” rather than “to be nice”. In Moscow she had to get used to wearing a coat and heels. Fur is generally a separate issue, in Australia they do not approve wearing fur, indeed, it is not needed as there is no winter and most of the time people spend on the beach. Buying coat for Jessie has become a significant event, and so not to shock the friends she chose the rabbit fur as rabbits are considered pests in Australia. According to Jessie’s observations, comparing Russian men with Australian men, Russian obviously pay more attention to appearance. They use cosmetic products as creams or gels, aftershave, deodorants, perfumes and so on. Australians usually are limited to deodorant and occasionally hair gel only. But in general, Jessie find it hard to compare as except for Vadim she does not have had a serious relationship and he is her first love and for a lifetime. She appreciates his confidence, nobility and masculinity, that is something typically Russian, she thinks. For example, he never lets her pay for herself in the restaurant, while a man in Australia would only pay for the girl on the first date. However, trips to restaurants, as well as museums, theaters and cinemas in Australia are not as accepted as in Russia. Couples spend most of their time at home. As a rule, all live in their own homes, at a considerable distance from its neighbors. About the same house Jessie and Vadim dream of, too bad, in Moscow is not feasible. Sometimes they have a political debate. But they learned to smooth out all the conflicts and find compromises. As Jessie understood the first ten years of relationship, just love is not enough for family happiness. It is important that the husband and wife were friends, and she’s very happy that Vadim is her best friend as well. “When we spend time together, we have fun, make people laugh with each other, I understand that this is absolutely my man, and it does not matter what nationality he belongs to”, says Jessie.

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Maria is 27 and she is from Cuba and Alexander is 28 and he is from Russia. Before meeting Alexander Maria has never considered Russian man as husband. They even called her to fear and dislike. In Cuba, there are a lot of stereotypes about the Russian, they say, they are all true alcoholics, criminals, are cold and rude in relations with people. It is not surprising that, having got to work in Russia, Maria was afraid at first of all and did not hurry to get acquainted with the locals. In order not to feel alone in a completely unfamiliar country, she found a “corner of Cuba” in Moscow, Latin American cafe which was always full of Hispanic crowd. Maria got to teach salsa there and soon met Alex. He was interested in favorite dance of Maria. At first, they just have to communicate on their fingers, because Alex could not say a word in Spanish, and she had the same success in Russian. They were communicating with text messages, translated into the online translator. After 2-3 months of such communication Sasha began more or less understand and speak Spanish. They began to dance together and now Maria is in love with him. She adores his gentleness, friendliness and sincerity. Unlike Cubans, he does not hesitate to apologize if he was wrong. With him, she feels like a real woman, because it’s really important for him what Maria thinks of, what she wants and so on. Cubans also like always to be leaders, to give commands, to rule. And while Cuban women are talking to Cuban men in the same language, they can never come to an agreement. All Cuban women need to do is just do as their husband said. Alas, a Cuban man will never agree with a woman, even if he really loves her. Of course, Maria’s relatives were shocked when they learned that she was going to marry Russian. Even Maria is still wondering some things: for example, in Cuba they eat soup and that’s it, and Russians eat soup first, then rice or buckwheat with a cutlet, and then having tea with sweets. It is strange for Cubans to see that. “Often we have with Alexander funny misunderstandings happen because of lost in translation”, shared Maria. For example, one day she received a text message from him, where transliterated Russian word “soul” was similar to Spanish word “ducha”, that means “shower” and she thought at first that she was for him just something like a bath fun, but when she realized what he meant, cried with emotion… She’s really grateful her husband for such sentimental moments. He taught her deep sincere feelings. “With him, I become happy, self-confident woman”, says Maria.

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